The circle is a good symbol for life because it has no end and no beginning. Life is like that too. Nothing ever really dies; it just changes form. We see this with plants. When they die, they compost into soil so that other plants can grow. Nature is one of the best teachers of how to bring more peace into our lives. Nature is always creating, destroying, and transforming life. She knows about balance and how to thrive.

Many cultures and traditions have used the symbol of a circle in ceremonies that involve teachings about life. These are commonly called “Medicine Wheels.”  The word comes from Latin and means, “to heal.”

A Medicine Wheel often uses the five elements (Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Void) to bring more balance and clarity into our lives

Medicine Wheels can be built with many different materials. One of the most famous circles is Stonehenge in England. It was built by people long ago using huge boulders and still stands today.



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