Stuff 'Em, Explode 'Em, Flow 'Em Out
Direction: SOUTH
Land of Water : Whispers of Heart

Age Range: 8 to Adult

Quest: To discover what you most often do with your emotions:
stuff them, explode them, ignore them or let them flow.

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Emotions are an important part of being human. You may feel sad because a friend or relative is moving away and you will miss them. You may feel joyful and want to sing or dance. Perhaps you are angry over an injustice in your life. Emotions come up to get your attention and give you information.

People react differently to their emotions. Some try to hide them from others and even from themselves. Some explode their feelings out at others. Some emotions may come from an event that happened in the past, then push forward to surprise us in the present. Negative enactment or denial of emotions can be unhealthy and cause stress in our bodies. It takes energy to ignore emotions or to pretend they don’t exist.

Many people try to “stuff” their emotions, pretending they are happy when they are really sad. Ignored emotions can burst out, causing harm to self and others. Exploding our emotions out like a volcano as soon as they come up also takes energy. People in our lives may get tired of the explosions, becoming less likely or willing to hear the real needs behind the outbursts. The energy we lose by stuffing, ignoring, or exploding emotions is energy that could be used for having fun or moving towards our dreams.

Emotions are associated with the element Water. Emotions naturally want to move like water flows and are meant to leave our bodies. In this ceremony, you will be learning more about how you deal with your emotions when they arise and learn strategies to work with them better.

For more information on emotions, see the lists of emotions in the Appendix as well as the Emotional Characters ceremony. There are many books about emotions that may be helpful in continuing your
exploration of this topic. See the Recommended Resources and Links at the bottom of the page.

A Safety Note:

There may be times when the situation that caused your emotion is dangerous to your wellbeing. You may need help and extra support with some problems that are causing you distress, problems such as: verbal or physical abuse, bullying, lack of freedom to make some of your own decisions, or no quiet space for yourself.

Find an adult you trust to talk about these or similar problems. There are organizations to support kids in trouble who can’t talk to a parent, grandparent, teacher, or school counselor. Always look after yourself by finding ways to help yourself.

Recognizing the difference between a problem you can solve alone, and one where you need help is wisdom.

We all need support sometimes to work through difficult things. A phone number to call in Canada is listed in the Recommended Resources and Links page at the back of this book. If you live outside of Canada, check the Internet for help numbers in your country.

About 3 hours.

Somewhere outdoors where you can find rocks, play and explore for awhile and be mostly undisturbed.


• A pack you can carry on your back
• A source of rocks
• Notebook and pen or pencil
• Permanent felt pens
• Weather appropriate clothing
• Salt (optional)



“Hey, Ancestors who love me, Sacred Directions, Nature Spirits, Father Sky and Earth Mother!
Please be with me in this ceremony and bless me with healing and transformation in a good way.

DIG OUT THE OLD: Go to your spot out in nature and take a moment to quiet and settle into yourself. Write or draw in your notebook about 4 situations in your life that bring up some big emotions for you.

When your list of emotions is complete, grab your pack. Find a rock for each emotion on your list. Ask the rock if it will come with you and do ceremony. Trust your intuition. If it says yes, say thank you and put it in your bag. If it says no, say thank you, leave it in nature and look for another one.

AN INNER TREASURE HUNT: Try to name the emotion you feel in each of the situations you wrote down (e.g. anger, fear, anxiety). If you’re unable to name the emotion, see if you can think of something in nature that describes how it feels inside of you (e.g. stormy, like a whirlwind, like leaves quivering on a tree).

When you identify the emotion, mark the name or draw the image of the emotion on a rock. If you see the emotion as a colour, put that colour on the rock. Put the rocks in your pack until it is quite heavy to carry, but not so heavy you will hurt yourself. Put the pack on your back and carry it around with you while you explore and play outdoors. Remember, it is not cool or safe to injure yourself, so take care with the weight of rocks you choose.

ROCK TALK: When you are tired of carrying your pack around, find a quiet place and take it off. Remove one rock at a time and, using your intuition, ask: Do I stuff, spew, ignore, or flow this emotion? When you receive your answer, put it in one of 4 piles, marked for either “Stuff” “Spew” “Ignore” or “Flow”.

Continue in this way, trusting your gut for the answers you receive, until all your rocks have found a home in one of the 4 piles.

Next, pick up any rock that calls to you first. Ask it what 3 things you can do differently the next time you have that feeling or emotion. Write or draw those things down in your journal. Place the rock back in the appropriate pile and continue until you’ve talked to all your rocks.

Then, pick up any rock that calls to you first. Use your imagination to visualize all the energy of that emotion going into the rock you are holding. When you feel the energy has totally left your body, thank the rock and put it back in your pack. Continue in this way until you’ve gone through all your rocks.

DISCOVER INNER TREASURE: When complete, write or draw in your journal about the experience.

Types of questions you might consider are:

What emotions came up while carrying the pack around?
How does it feel in your body to carry around a load of stuck emotions?
What happens when you stuff your emotions?
What happens when you explode your emotions?
What happens when you ignore them?
What happens when you flow them out, as you did into the rocks?
How did each of these feel in your body?

THE MAD SCIENTIST: You may need some adult support for this part. Go to your kitchen and mix some salt with water. Place all your rocks in the salted water to clear and neutralize all the energy in the rocks. You can also do this by burying your rocks for a while or putting them on a windowsill where the moon and sunlight will clear them.

Use your intuition to choose what to do with your rocks after they are cleansed. Do you want to hang on to them and keep using them to support you with those emotions? Do they need to go back to nature? Trust your instincts.


“Thank you to all the energies who love me who came to guide me and provide safe space
for me in this ceremony. I am grateful and I release you in beauty.”






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