“I first thought this would be primarily an aboriginal piece. The ceremonies in this book are multi-lateral, open, and suited to all beliefs and walks in life. Planting seeds for each ancestor with a prayer of gratitude and saying prayers for future generations yet to be born touched me. As an ancestor of the future, I found these to be such great, honourable practices for kids and us all to participate in.”
-Faye Meggison (parent)

“Doing ceremony provides a pathway to learning about myself by using nature as a source of guidance. Because nature is full of beauty, it helps me recognize my own beauty and potential. Doing the ceremonies in this book made me realize how important it is to always stay connected to my inner child. Sometimes I need to drop the serious stuff and just play.”
-Michelle Darago (shamanic student)

“After the ceremony, she said she’d discovered her totem animal was a polar bear. She has a recurring nightmare about a bear attacking a child and she is watching from above but can't do anything about it. She hasn't had any bad dreams since discovering her totem.”
-Fonda Pusey (parent of Jasmine - age 4)

“Creating the family trees made me realize how many people had to live their lives and go on their journey simply for me to be born. This was extremely humbling. It helped me to see that the way I live my life and the choices I make really do impact the generations ahead of me and behind me. ”
-(shamanic student)

“Seeing how all the generations worked together to make sure we all survived was really good for my heart. As I added the spouses, I could see that their family lineages were now joined to ours. If we joined everyone’s family trees in the world, would we all be connected somehow? Perhaps in a more real way than we think, we are indeed all relations.”
-(shamanic student)



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