(A Note from Jen)

Are you wondering why you should spend time doing ceremonies instead of other fun things? I wondered that when I first started learning about shamanism. I did my first ceremony with a lot of doubts in my mind. As a “proper adult” I’d forgotten all about the magic of life! Soon I learned that magic happens while doing the ceremonies. The magic sometimes comes in the way of messages from nature, like a hawk flying overhead reminding me to look at what I want to dream into my life. It is exciting to me that I can talk to and listen to the universe. With ceremony, you can discover this magic yourself and if you are already aware of the magic in the world, ceremony will help you discover even more!

Ceremonies can teach us how to use magical tools such as altars and medicine wheels - to call something into our lives, for protection, for working with life’s challenges and for calling forth our gifts - so that we can live the best life we can while we are here on Earth. Ceremonies can help change our inner worlds so that our lives work better and we are happier people. Sometimes in life it can be hard to hear your own voice amongst so many other people telling you what you should do or think or how to act. So many “shoulds” can drive a person crazy! Spending time doing ceremony can help people to hear their own voice so that they can follow their own inner, wise magician.

As Grandmother Ann says, “Why do I do ceremony? By doing ceremonies, I clear away all of the monkey noise in my head so I can discover my gifts to the world. I discover magical mysterious Me. I hear the magician that is my higher self, who knows what I need to do and how to do it. When I do ceremonies, I hear the song of the Universe and its vibrations so that I can vibrate in time with the Universe’s rhythms. Ceremony sets me free to be me.”

Each one of you has special gifts you brought to the world when you were born that you carry around inside. Our deepest wish as the authors of this book is that doing these ceremonies will support each one of you to shine more of your inner light into the world and to discover your mysterious magical self!  What magic will you bring to the planet?





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